Colleen Healy

Colleen Healy

Executive Assistant

I’m a native Washingtonian, which is kind of a rare thing. I grew up on Long Island and Pittsburgh, then graduated from Loyola University in Baltimore, majoring in Communications with a concentration in journalism and a minor in sociology. My first job out of college was doing media relations for a nonprofit foundation that promotes American products.

From there, I worked in publishing at Simon & Schuster/Pearson Custom Publishing and the McGraw-Hill Companies; served as media relations supervisor/company spokesperson for Marshalls and the TJX companies; and later, at Booz Allen Hamilton in community partnerships. Over that same period, I married my husband Edward, a cardiologist with Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, and had two sons, now 13 and 16 years old.

Last year, I was writing lifestyle and business stories for the Potomac Almanac and other publications. But with my boys settled in school, I realized how much I missed having co-workers and being part of a team. I hadn’t worked in the financial world before, but it’s exciting to use the skills that I developed in public relations and publishing in an exciting new field. I particularly enjoyed visiting the Raymond James headquarters in Florida to learn how assistants from all over the country run their offices.

The main focus of my job is to support Brian Richmond: answering calls, scheduling meetings, keeping track of his calendar, analyzing spreadsheets, pulling data and working with him on special projects. I really like speaking with clients on the phone or meeting them at portfolio reviews. I can often relate to their hopes and plans for the future, because as we go through the college tour process with our sons, we’re also thinking about things like saving for college and retirement.

What I like most about my position is the people – our clients as well as our staff. We really support each other and it’s been great to have co-workers again. As a writer, I’ve always enjoyed hearing people’s stories, so I love hearing our clients talk about their lives. But now, in addition to listening to their dreams and goals, I’m part of a team that can help our clients achieve them.

On a Personal Note

Growing up, I was very shy. But in college, my journalism classes made me come out of my shell, and gave me the courage to audition for plays. It’s ironic that this shy girl grew up to be the spokesperson for Marshalls, contributing merchandise for Today show fashion segments, local newscasts and store openings!

In my free time, I enjoy hiking with my family, traveling, swimming and attending shows at the Kennedy Center with my husband (you don’t have to go to New York to see great live theater). For several years, I’ve also judged middle school and high school writing competitions. My job is to pick the top three entries, and I’m proud to say, every year the pieces I’ve chosen have made it to the state competition.