Whitney Turner

Whitney Turner

Client Services Associate

After an all-state high school basketball career in Michigan, I won a basketball scholarship to Boston University. I think basketball teaches you how vital communication and adaptability are in every aspect of life. When you’re playing in front of a noisy, sold-out crowd, you have to be able to communicate non-verbally with your teammates – and adjust your plans on the fly – to get the job done. 

I began my career as a front desk agent, guest services representative and assistant manager at Sheraton and Marriott properties in West Virginia and Washington, D.C. Having customer-facing roles gave me a solid operational background. When you work at a hotel, it can be really stressful. Often, you have to manage the house and have tough conversations with customers. Those jobs taught me how to quickly solve problems and make guests feel validated.

From there, I decided to pursue my lifelong interest in financial services. I’ve always been fascinated by how to set a budget (and stick to it!), maximize my assets, build wealth and meet my long-term goals. I’ve read about and researched investment topics for years. When I interviewed for my position with Traci, Morgan and Brian, it felt like such a natural transition, to merge my customer service skill set with my passion for financial planning.

I deeply appreciate how welcoming everyone at the Meakem Group has been, and how willing they are to teach me the business. Even though I didn’t come into the firm with industry-specific knowledge, Traci and the staff have given me wonderful on-the-job training. Given my basketball background, I love being part of a team, where each person has a unique contribution to make. I feel like a sponge, soaking up more and more knowledge every day.

Being a Client Services Associate means I’m constantly learning about the wealth management profession. I really enjoy my interactions with clients, and hearing Morgan or Traci break down complex concepts in a way that makes them easy to understand. Working alongside so many talented advisors has only affirmed my interest in eventually becoming an advisor myself.

On a Personal Note

I coach seventh grade travel basketball in Bethesda. Middle schoolers are my favorite group to work with because you see the most growth at that age. Even when you think they’re not listening, they’re observing, developing their personalities, discovering their true interests. There’s nothing better than teaching a player a new skill, instilling confidence in her as she masters it, and watching her achieve something that she didn’t know she could achieve.

As a political science major at Boston University, I dreamed of traveling around the United States, working as a campaign manager. I was a field organizer on a congressional campaign in Michigan, and interned with John Kerry during his final term as a Senator during my summer break from college. I thought playing Division 1 basketball was hard! But based on personal experience, I can tell you that working on the campaign trail is the toughest job there is, physically, mentally and emotionally.