Taking the Emotion out of Investing during the COVID-19 Crisis

Taking the Emotion out of Investing during the COVID-19 Crisis

It’s hard not to react when you watch the value of your investments fluctuate. Especially when those ups and downs get more dramatic. In recent months, you may have experienced two emotions: Fear or Greed. Maybe you’ve felt both.

#1 Suppressing Greed

You’ve probably heard the advice, “Buy when the market is down.” Before you start down that path, consider where you are getting the money to invest. I’ve had too many calls recently from eager investors who want to pull money from emergency funds and put it into the opportunity they see in the market. Your emergency funds should not be moved into something with greater risk.

#2 Fighting Fear

Fear comes naturally with market volatility, but it doesn’t serve you well as an investor. If you’ve been thinking about decreasing your 401k contributions or keeping non-retirement funds out of the market, you might reconsider.

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