Connected Client

Finding what you need should be easy. That’s why you’re here!

These easy-to-use video tutorials walk you through the basic steps of becoming a Connected Client. What’s that? It’s you, only slightly more tech-savvy. Watch a few or click on them all. When you’re done, you’ll have new tools at your fingertips to help you seamlessly manage your financial life. Convenience is just a play button away.

Client Access Tutorials

How to Start Using Client Access ​

We have a great tool for you to access your account information. The Client Access portal link is right on our homepage. When you click it, you’ll be able to set up a username and password and then you’re in. Want a little guidance getting started? Watch this 1-minute video and see exactly how to get access to all the details of your account and online tools that can help bring your financial plan into focus.

A Peek Inside Client Access ​

Tech tools can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. There’s a portal or an app for just about everything these days. So, why take the time to get to know Client Access? There’s a lot more than your portfolio value waiting for you once you log in. Check out all you can do and find inside Raymond James Client Access.​

Customize Your View of Client Access

Client Access puts all your account info at your fingertips and with three easy steps you can organize your view just the way you want it. Learn how to rearrange the order you see your accounts and rename them, too. Create a watch list of equities and mutual funds you want to follow. And learn how to create customized reports – all within Client Access.

How to Find your Statements and Fees

Finding the right information is easy when you know where to look. We want to make sure it’s easy for you to locate your Raymond James statements inside the Client Access Portal. Follow these directions and with a few quick clicks, you’ll have a list of statements in front of you. Once you’re there, finding the fees associated with your accounts is just a matter of scrolling. Watch this 1-minute video and you’ll know just where to go.

How to Start Using the Vault

Did you know there’s safe, behind-the-firewall cloud storage inside Client Access? It’s a way for us to securely deliver documents to you. And you can use it to send us important documents too. In this video, we’ll walk you through finding the Vault inside Client Access and show you exactly how to use it. Ready to get started?

How to make a Mobile Check Deposit​

Forget the envelopes and stamps – there’s an easier way to make deposits into your investment accounts. Grab your smartphone and watch this video. We’ll show you how to download the Raymond James Client Access app, log in, and get started making your deposits faster and easier. If you’ve never made a mobile deposit, don’t worry. This video will walk you through each step of the process.

Help! I Lost my Password

You are not alone! Keeping track of all your passwords is a job in itself. This video walks you through the steps to take if you forget or lose your credentials to get into your Client Access account. In one minute, you can learn all you need to do to recover access to your account by choosing a new password. In just moments, you’ll be logging back into Client Access and you will have all the financial tools inside at your fingertips.

How to Aggregate Your Accounts ​

Ready to put your full financial picture together? Client Access can help. Once you log on, we’ll show you how to find the place to link your outside accounts to your Raymond James account. When you do it, you’ll get a snapshot of all your finances, not just the accounts we’re helping you manage. Before you log in, watch this quick video and you’ll be ready to start linking.

How to Set Up e-Delivery

Think it’s time to get a few less envelopes from Raymond James? Changing your delivery preferences to email is easy. Just watch this video to see where to go in Client Access to change the way we send you notifications and documents. You can go all digital or choose certain things to get via email and others through the mail. Warning: Your postal carrier will love you.

How to Use e-Signature ​

We don’t have to sit down together every time there’s a document that needs your signature. Using e-Signature saves you time and allows us to send you documents wherever you are. Watch how it works and then get your mobile phone ready. You’ll need it for the first security step of the process when we send you a code to confirm your identity. Watch each step in the process and you’ll be ready to sign.

How to use the Goal Plan

Wondering about the “what ifs” of your financial life that are out of your control? There’s a tool inside of Client Access called the Goal Plan that lets you play with variables and it calculates a predicted outcome. You can pick from scenarios like “Social Security Cuts” or “Health Care/LTC” and see how changing them can impact your retirement projections. Watch the dial in the Confidence Zone move as you tinker with the variables. It’s like a barometer for your financial plan and it’s easy to use. Watch this video to find out how.

Two Factor Authentication ​

Your security is a top priority for us. That’s why you can expect an extra layer of security on your Client Access account. It’s called Two Factor Authentication – or 2FA for short – and it helps us verify that it’s really you logging in to your account. Watch this video so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Tax How-tos

Where to Find Your Tax Documents

The quickest way to get your tax forms from Raymond James is through the Client Access portal.

Sharing to TurboTax ​

If you use TurboTax to file your taxes, we have an “easy” button for pulling in your investment account information. In this video, you can walk through the steps of linking your Raymond James tax documents to your TurboTax account. Once you learn how to link Client Access to TurboTax, you’ll wonder why you never did it before!


Supporting Causes you Love with Donor Advised Funds ​

Don’t scramble to write checks to charity just before the tax deadline. Learn more about how you can set up a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) through Raymond James Charitable. Setting up a DAF is an easy and tax-efficient way to make a difference to the causes that are close to your heart.

Your First Zoom Meeting ​

You might be hundreds or even thousands of miles from us when we need to meet – or you might just be so busy that stopping by our office isn’t an option. Either way, we can have a meeting with Zoom that still gets us face to face, despite the miles. If you haven’t used Zoom before, it’s an easy platform. This 1-minute video shows you everything you need to know to get started. We’re looking forward to “seeing” you in your next virtual meeting!

How to Use Secure Message​

In today’s era of online communication, making sure we keep your personal information safe has never been more important. And thanks to cybercrime, sending that personal information through a traditional email could compromise your security. That’s why you may receive a “Secure Message” from our office. Instead of seeing a message from us when you open the email, you’ll get a link to a Raymond James page. There you enter your login information and can view the message and reply.