Funding the Future

Reaching Students with Rock

Imagine the feeling you got when you were a teenager at a rock concert. The lights go down, the crowd starts cheering, and a thumping starts in your chest in anticipation of the first chords of the guitar that were about to wash across the fans. Now imagine harnessing that energy and pouring it into a financial literacy lesson for kids. Sound impossible? That’s exactly what GOODING’s Funding the Future concert tour is all about. Take a look:

The Meakem Group is proudly sponsoring stops on GOODING’s 2015 and 2016 tours in Montgomery County, MD.  Area high school students had the chance to rock out with the band before GOODING launched into his multimedia presentation about financial skills. Somehow the music seemed to suck the students in and then open them up to hear and learn on a deeper level. From the impact of a bad credit score to the importance of setting good financial habits early, it was all geared at getting teenagers off to a good start.

The students soaked it up like sponges. A rock concert isn’t the most expected way to teach kids about money, but we believe in reaching students on their terms. It can start a lifetime of good financial habits. We like the sound of that!

Raymond James is not affiliated with and does not endorse GOODING or the Funding the Future program.