Morgan Hatten

Morgan Hatten

Sports have always played a pivotal role in my life. Growing up with two big brothers, I started playing basketball because I wanted to hang out with them and their friends, but I continued because I loved the team aspect. Learning the game when I was seven – with older boys and girls– really jump-started my athletic adventures. I won a basketball scholarship at UMBC that took me to the NCAA tournament in my junior year and continued into my senior year, when I was named captain.

On the court and off, I think a team approach is so important. We have a wealth of investment talent and wisdom at the Meakem Group. Our team brings unique strengths and expertise to the table while I help create a customized strategy for each client. It’s great to know we can have a real impact on our clients’ lives.

I started my career in a management training program at Chevy Chase Bank as an assistant branch manager, learning everything from running the teller line to watching the vaults. I quickly realized my favorite part of the day was talking with clients about their dreams and goals. That’s when I began looking into becoming an advisor – a journey that’s taken me to firms like Fidelity, Ameriprise, Morgan Stanley and now, the Meakem Group.

The best part of my job? Helping clients reach their objectives. It’s incredibly gratifying when people call us to, say, start a college fund when their first baby is born, then later report that their child graduated with minimal or no student loan debt. In fact, my connection to Traci began when I was in college: she was my parents’ financial advisor! Watching what Mom and Dad could accomplish with Traci’s guidance made me realize how game-changing financial advising can be.

Because in the end, financial planning isn’t just about hitting an investment target. It’s about finding what truly matters to you, which is different for everybody. Whether it’s traveling, retiring early, or doing philanthropic work, advisors help clients live their best lives.

The life-changing effect of the work we do really hit home when my uncle died prematurely, leaving a wife and three kids under the age of 13. The fact that someone encouraged him to buy life insurance helped his family enormously. If that hadn’t happened, his death would have shaken their lives more than it already did.

On a Personal Note

I love to hike, something I really got into when I lived in Denver. But after three years, I wanted to return to my hometown to be with friends and family. Now on weekends, I get to hang out with my five nieces and nephews (ages five, three, two, two and newborn). I used to Face Time them from Denver, but being able to play with them in person, building experiences and memories, is so much better!

I also run a non-profit for adults with intellectual disabilities called LiftMD (Love Inspires Friendship and Triumph Maryland). Since middle school, I’ve had many friends with Down syndrome and other chromosomal disorders. We like to go out to dinner, movies, hayrides or Nats games. Sometimes, it’s hard for them to socialize because they don’t always have the resources, cognitive skills or physical abilities to make that happen. helps fund a community of friends who just need a little assistance getting together.