Suzanne Scheer, J.D., CLTC®

Suzanne Scheer, J.D., CLTC®

With planning comes choices. My goal is to empower my clients so that they can choose when to retire, as well as how they want to live in retirement. I also want to help families so aging parents aren’t a financial burden on their adult children.

I am an only child, and both of my parents suffered long illnesses before they passed away, five weeks apart, in 2010. I saw how beneficial it was for my dad to have long term care insurance, as he was in a nursing home with end- stage dementia for three years. I also saw how hard it was to find competent home care for my mother, who was homebound for nearly eight years. I want to help families to understand the importance of planning for the very-likely possibility of a long-term care event for themselves or their parents. And it’s important to me that my clients are adequately insured to help prevent financial hardship on top of a tragedy.

I love helping people – whether it is with a routine transaction or a complicated or delicate matter. As a financial advisor, every day I get to do something to help someone else. I joined The Meakem Group in 2015, after a long career break. Before that, I practiced family law and dealt with divorce, custody, child support, and visitation – all highly personal and sensitive matters.

When I’m working with you, I want you to feel like you are a part of our family. At The Meakem Group, we truly care about you. That’s because it is vital for us to truly know you and to make sure that we are on the same page about your goals, dreams, and ideals.

I have a special connection to insurance.  My father was a life insurance agent with the same company for fifty years.  He loved his work, and it was often the topic of discussion at the dinner table.  My mother worked with him and I helped frequently.  I will never forget being in the emergency room with my father after he had a stroke. Before confusion set in, he asked the doctor when he could go back to the office.  He loved it that much. 

On a Personal Note

In my free time, I love to go for long walks and play tennis. I also enjoy attempting to recreate some of my mother’s and grandmother’s amazing recipes.  I feel close to my late mother every time I make one of her signature dishes. I never knew my Grandma Sadye, but her memory lives on in our family through stories and her legendary prowess in the kitchen.