What is a Dream Book?

What is a Dream Book?

Retirement should be the beginning of your next grand adventure, not just the end of your “wake up and hustle.” When planning for retirement, it’s sometimes difficult for career-focused individuals to imagine what their retirement could be beyond representing the moment they no longer have to work.

Digging deeper than the “I want to travel more” answer, think beyond those big ticket items and consider what you would enjoy doing daily. Get in touch with those dreams and ambitions you’ve always had an interest in but never had the time to develop fully.

Starting a Dream Book is a great way to get your ideas down on paper and craft your dream retirement. Sometimes your retirement vision can get muddled when you keep it in your head for too long. With a Dream Book, you have a more detailed image of what retirement means to you and a record of it to show your retirement planner, so you’re both on the same page.

Like taking in a slow, deep breath, a Dream Book allows you to pause and reflect on what your passions and talents are. Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions: What am I most passionate about? What are my natural skills that I am most proud of? Is there something I have always wanted to study but never had time? What is something I enjoyed as a kid or young adult that I miss doing? Being honest with yourself in your answers can yield a great glimpse into the types of activities, volunteer opportunities, or hobbies that will reward you the most in your retirement.

Preparing for your retirement goes beyond your finances. Utilizing a Dream Book gives you the direction and excitement you need to enjoy your next stage in life. Interested in learning how to create a Dream Book? Stay tuned for Part 2, where we share a practical approach to creating a Dream Book that will set you up for success. In the meantime, check out our related post, “Retire To Your Happy Place,” to discover the power of your mindset regarding retirement.

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