8 Activities to Bring You Together When You’re Stuck Together

8 Activities to Bring You Together When You’re Stuck Together

Social distancing is giving us all a new normal. Rather than dwell on the downside, we prefer to focus on the possibilities. As busy professionals and parents with kids home from school, our team has some ideas for at-home activities to bring your family closer together while weathering the days ahead in self-quarantine.

Tip 1

Enlist your family in a decluttering project. You not only tidy up your space, but you can help bring a sense of order and calm to your home. Couldn’t we all use a little calm right now? Traci and her family use the four-box sorting method, earmarking items as trash, recycling, hand-me-downs or donations.

Tip 2


What do puzzles and decluttering have in common?  Both involve bringing order to disorder, and they can help you cope in times of uncertainty. Ready for a challenge? Try your hand at a Richmond Family favorite, the Liberty Puzzle. Liberty Puzzles are a throwback to the golden age of jigsaw puzzles.  Each one contains dozens of hand-drawn “whimsy” pieces intricately cut into the shapes of characters, animals, and geometric designs. They are works of art within art. If you decide to order one, be aware that your order may take longer than usual for delivery right now.

Tip 3

Pop some popcorn, and start rolling your family film favorites. That’s what our Executive Assistant Colleen Healy and teenage sons Sean and Declan have been doing to pass the time. Start your movie marathon by watching your favorites then your kids’ favorites.

Tip 4

Learn a new skillset or work on one you already have. Our client service associate Laura Hodgson’s two boys have a noteworthy way of making the most of the coronavirus cancellations of school and events: they’re tooting their own horns! Trumpeter Blake (age 11) and saxophonist Jasper (age 10) are filling the Hodgson house with the sounds of music.

Tip 5

Baking is another way to bring order to disorder. Besides being a stress reliever, it also makes your house smell amazing! You have time on your hands now. Give a new recipe a try! Check out this pizza project that Traci and family made. Yum!

Tip 6

Hike in the fresh air and warm sun, but make sure to practice social distancing! Studies have shown that fresh air and sunshine are more than just mood boosters, they’re also immune boosters! Find a new trail to explore, but make sure to keep your distance if you cross paths with any other hikers.

Tip 7

DIY crafts and creations. Have you ever noticed how rewarding it is to complete a project you did yourself? Some call it the “Ikea effect”. That’s right there’s an entire psychological term devoted to the satisfaction that a DIY project can create. That’s just one more reason to find your next crafting project during your staycation – besides the fact that it’s fun! Need inspiration? Check out Pinterest or YouTube!

Tip 8

There’s nothing better than preparing your meal over an open fire when you’re camping. Why not bring that delectable part of camping home? Make your meals together over the open fire while still sleeping in the luxury of your own bed at night. You need a good night’s rest to keep your immune system healthy, and some tasty food never hurt.

However you decide to spend your time, please stay safe and healthy!